Tips for Success in COM210

COM210 can be a challenging course, but if you follow these Tips for Success your hard work will pay off. Following these tips will help you achieve the best possible grade and also get the most out of the course.

Know Your Syllabus

Managing Time

  • All assignments are due on Fridays or Tuesdays. Plan accordingly!
  • Do assignments a few days ahead of time. That way you avoid rushing at the last minute and if you have any technical issues you will still have time to get help from your Instructor/TA. Too many students run into technical issues around 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and by then it is too late.
  • Tutorials typically take 1-5 hours or more, especially if you don’t have much experience using the Adobe software. Remember to set aside a good chunk of time to complete your tutorials. Better yet, start them during your lab session so if you run into issues, you can get help from your Instructor/TA.
  • Make sure to plan ample time to write your blog posts on the draft and final projects in each unit, because your blog post counts for almost half of your grade on final assignments.

Lab Hours and Help from the Instructor

  • If you have a question, the best way to get help is to post any questions to the “Ask the Instructors” forum in Blackboard. Your Instructor/TA will respond to all questions within 24 hours and usually even sooner. Also, you might find that your question has already been asked by another student and your Instructor/TA or professor has given an answer.
  • For Pullman Students:Meet your TA in lab or during office hours! They are there for to ensure you get the help you need to complete your assignments. For Global Campus students: contact your Instructor/TA if you have any question about the assignment.
  • If you have a technical issue related to the Adobe CC software, especially installation problems while using your own computer, CougTech is the best and quickest way to get help.
  • Keep your Instructor/TA updated if something comes up. Communicating by email lets us know you are taking things seriously and giving it your best effort rather than coming in after the fact to make excuses.

Completing and Turning In Assignments

  • Check the rubric for every assignment. There are often requirements that lead to easy points. However, if you don’t address all the requirements listed in the rubric your grade will suffer.
  • Take the time to write meaningful and thoughtful blog posts. Your posts are the easiest way to improve your grade, since they count for about half of your draft and final projects.
  • Don’t skip any assignments! A partially completed tutorial or draft assignment is better than a late one. You will usually earn you more points on a partially completed assignment than a late one.
  • Make sure everything required for each assignment is submitted to Blackboard AND published on your blog. If you publish your blog post but don’t submit the link in Blackboard, your project is not completed and you will not receive credit! 
  • Once you submit your assignment to Blackboard and publish your post to WordPress, double-check everything shows up as submitted and published. It is your responsibility to ensure this!

Final Projects

  • Take a moment to plan out your project before jumping right into the software. Pay particular attention to the course readings for important design principles.
  • Double-check the rubric again to make sure you addressed all of the requirements.
  • Submit your final project early to avoid last minute issues. Remember, a late submission on a final project will destroy a grade faster than almost any other errors.
  • Note that getting a perfect score on any category on the rubric indicates it is of a professional caliber. This is not easy to achieve and it is the exception that students receive this ranking.
  • Remember to not include any copyrighted material in your project. The Image and Media Use Policy is very clear about the requirements, but if you have any questions about whether an image is appropriate to use, contact your Instructor/TA. The best time to do this is when you are developing your draft assignment, NOT just before submitting your final project!
  • Read the feedback you receive from your Instructor/TA. Also, more in-depth feedback can be received during office hours or by request.

Easy Points

  • The image collection and raw footage assignments in Units 1, 3 and 4 can take less than 10 minutes and are worth 10 points.
  • The unit attendance also takes very little time and give you an opportunity to contact with your Instructor/TA and ask questions. Each check-in is worth an easy 10 points. The Class Attendance Policy has more information about this.
  • Turn in your draft project even if it isn’t finished. Nothing will hurt your grade more than late work. You will still get full points as long as it makes sense and shows significant effort. Use the blog post with it to explain what you plan on changing and completing.