Reflection Blog Post

Due date: Fri., July 27, at 11:59 p.m.
Points: 20
Overview: Write a final blog post reflecting on your work in COM210 this semester and answering the questions listed in the assignment.

In this final assignment, you will write a short reflection post of your favorite project, what you learned in this course and what skills you will use in the future, and what your future coursework or career plans are.

This class was intended to build and sharpen your multimedia storytelling skills. This class is also pioneering hybrid online instruction with course labs and virtual labs. Hopefully you have learned new technical and communication skills throughout our semester assignments and materials.

Writing Your Post

Please answer the following questions in a blog post that is 300-800 words.

  1. What was your favorite project(s) during the semester? Please explain why.
  2. What skills did you learn in the course that you believe you will use in the future?
  3. What coursework or career path do you see in your future? What skills or projects from this class may be influential in your chosen career path?
  4. Is there any skill that you wished you would have learned in this course that you did not learn? If yes, what skill is that?
  5. Did you find any websites or resources from outside the class material that were especially useful?
  6. If you have any other thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc., please feel free to add them to your post.

In your post, make use of Blogging Best Practices such as writing with short paragraphs, including hyperlinks, and making use of media such as images or embedded videos.

Publishing and Submitting Your Post

Once you have written your post, publish it on your course blog and submit the URL to the assignment dropbox in Blackboard.

Grading Rubric

Minimal/Emerging Developing/Competent Effective/Publishable
0-4 points: Incomplete work that is missing nearly all of the required information. Post is not between 300 and 800 words. Post has many spelling and grammar errors. Does not answer most of the required questions in the post. Displays no organization of ideas and opinions. 8-12 points: Post is not between 300 and 800 words. Does not follow some requirements. Does not answer some of the required questions in the post. Some spelling and grammar errors. Displays inadequate organization of ideas and opinions. 16-20 points: Post is between 300-800 words. Follows all requirements and makes use of Blogging Best Practices. Answers all of the required questions for the post. Well-written, interesting, and engaging to read. Displays excellent organization of ideas and opinions.