Premiere Tutorial: Export and Upload Videos

To display your completed tutorial videos on your blog, you will need to export the video files and upload them to a video hosting site such as YouTube. WordPress works best with YouTube and Vimeo, so you may encounter problems embedding from any other sites. The rest of the instructions here refer to YouTube, but you are not required to use YouTube if you prefer Vimeo or another site.

You should have three video files after completing the Premiere tutorial steps:

  1. Shooting and Sequencing edited video (30-40 seconds)
  2. Shooting and Sequencing unedited video (3-5 minutes)
  3. Effects and Keyframes edited video (30-50 seconds)

1. First, export your videos from Premiere. If you have not already done so, follow the instructions in the individual tutorials to export your completed videos to a file format that can be uploaded to YouTube. Go to File > Export > Media and make sure to preview your video to check that it includes the content you expect.

2. Upload each video to YouTube. Sign in or create an account at by clicking on the “sign in” button on the top right. Click the “Upload” link to the right of the search bar. Now, drag your video file or select your video file to upload on the following screen. While your video is uploading, give your video an appropriate title and fill out other relevant information.

By default, your videos will be public. You may also choose to make your video “unlisted,” which keeps it out of search results on YouTube. However, do not make your video “private” or it will not be viewable by your instructor or classmates, and will not be counted for credit.

3. Embed your videos in your blog post. After each video is uploaded you will be shown a URL to the video on YouTube. Be sure to copy the full URL and paste it into a WordPress blog entry on your class blog. Most WordPress themes automatically convert YouTube links to embedded videos. If that does not work, use a shortcode or other methods described in this WordPress embedding post.

If you are not sure whether your video has embedded properly, also include a direct link to the video in your blog post.

4. Publish and submit your post. Please post the URL for the blog with the embedded tutorial videos into the “Premiere Tutorials” dropbox.

For more information about exporting videos and clips from Premiere, see this tutorial hosted by Adobe.