Premiere Tutorials

Points: 30
Due Date: Fri., April 13, at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: (files for Tutorial 2)

In this assignment you will complete two video editing tutorials about using Adobe Premiere. You will save a total of three video files, publish them on your blog using YouTube or Vimeo, and submit the URL to Blackboard. You do not need to attach your video files to your Blackboard submission.


  1. If you plan to use your own computer, download Premiere Pro CC.
  2. Using Premiere, complete the two tutorials. Detailed instructions are available from the links below. Note that you will need to record video using a smartphone or other video recording device.
  3. Once you have completed the tutorials, post the completed sound files to YouTube and embed them on your blog according the the instructions below.
  4. Finally, submit your blog post URL to Blackboard to complete the assignment. You do not need to attach your Premiere files to your Blackboard submission, but your TA may request your files later.

Getting Started with Premiere

Premiere uses a timeline similar to Audition in combination with visual effects and options. Somewhat like Photoshop, it is a versatile and robust software program that can be used for a wide range of projects. It is strongly recommended that you view the following 2-minute video from Adobe even if you are familiar with the program: What is Premiere Pro?


These tutorials will help you get familiar with the basic editing tools in Adobe Premiere, the program you will use to produce your Video Story project. The skills you learn here will help you turn your raw video recordings into a cohesive story.

Note: Before you begin, make sure to carefully read about non-destructive editing and video project management and set up a project folder in an organized way to avoid missing media.

Select each tutorial to find detailed instructions:

1. Premiere Tutorial: Shooting and Sequencing Basics
2. Premiere Tutorial: Effects and Keyframes
3. Finally, post your video files online and embed them in your blog post

Turn in your completed tutorials

Follow the instructions for exporting and uploading your videos. Recommended settings for uploading to YouTube and Vimeo are included under “How to Choose Formats” in the Compressing, Exporting and Sharing Digital Video chapter. Find instructions about embedding your uploaded video in your WordPress post on the WordPress Videos page.

Once you have created your post, make sure to submit the post URL to the assignment dropbox in Blackboard.


Tutorials will be graded for completion, with full credit awarded if all steps are followed thoroughly and successfully. Each tutorial is worth 15 points.