Photoshop Tutorial: Turning in Completed Tutorials

This page will show you how to turn in the completed tutorials in your course site and in Blackboard.

By the end of this tutorial, you should have turned in a zip file containing your 5 original .PSD files with layer information to Blackboard. Additionally, you should have posted your 5 .JPG images to your course website. JPG images “flatten” the file by removing the layer information. This process optimizes the image file for your website, making it considerably smaller in size.

Creating .JPG files

This video demonstrates the following process, but make sure to also read the written instructions:

1. Be sure all 5 of your completed tutorial .PSD files are located in a single tutorials folder.

2. Open your first tutorial .PSD file in Adobe Photoshop by double-clicking it.

3. We now need to “flatten” this file into a format that will be viewable by web browsers. Web browsers do not read the layered .PSD files and you will not be able to upload them to WordPress. To save a copy of your completed file as a .JPG, go to File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy). (In older versions of Photoshop this can be found under File > Save For Web.) Set the preset in the top right to “JPEG High.” Save these files into a separate folder from your .PSD files. You may want to call this folder “Exported JPGs” or “JPGS for Web.”

4. Repeat steps 2-3 for each of your 5 completed images. Now you should have a folder with 5 completed tutorial .JPG files, along with your original folder of 5 .PSD files.

Publishing your tutorial images

5. Open up your blog dashboard. You can get either log in through or go to (where domain is your blog site name).

6. From the WordPress dashboard click on Posts > Add New Post.

7. Give your post a title such as “Photoshop Tutorials.” You can be a little creative with the blog post titles as long as it’s clear that this is your Photoshop tutorials assignment. Add a short note to the body of the post like “Here are my completed tutorials.”

8. Now click on the “Add media” button, which is located between the title and body of your post. Choose the “Upload” option and select all 5 of your JPG files. Choose a gallery layout and insert the images into your post.

9. You should be able to preview the images in your WordPress post. Click on “Publish” in the top right. (You can click “Preview” first if you want to see how your post will look, but don’t forget to go back and hit “Publish.”)

Now, your COM210 blog should have a finished entry with all of your completed tutorials viewable on the web!

Submitting your link and files to Blackboard

1. Find your folder of completed tutorials containing the 5 completed .PSD files (not .JPG files). Make sure you have a folder that contains these files only, and that it is named something like “Finished Tutorials.”

In Windows, right click the folder and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder. You will now see a file called “Finished”

On a Mac, right-click (or Control-click) the folder and select “Compress “Finished Tutorials”.” You will now see a file called “Finished”

2. Go to Blackboard and open the course space. From Assignments, click on the “Photoshop Tutorials” dropbox.

4. In the Text Submission box, paste the URL of the WordPress post you created with your tutorials. Make sure this is the public link so we can see your finished tutorials blog post. (Not sure if it’s public? Log out of WordPress and see if it still works.)

5. Click “attachments” under the dropbox entry, then click “Choose file” in the attachments pop-up. Find and select the Finished Tutorials zip file you created in step 11. Next, click “Upload File.” This will probably take some time to upload depending on your internet connection speed. Once the file appears in the “Uploaded files” box you can click “Finished.” You should now see the zip file appear in your dropbox entry under “attachments” and above “submit.”

6. Click “Submit” on your dropbox entry. You should now see your dropbox entry logged in the dropbox by scrolling down. Verify that your Blackboard submission has successfully gone through before you close the browser window.

You have now successfully turned in your Photoshop tutorials!