Participation Credit Policy

lab-attendance2COM210 is conducted primarily as an online course. Pullman students have lab sessions scheduled every week in Murrow College computer labs, where students can get work on projects and get assistance from the TAs.

If you are a Pullman student:

You must attend your lab session a minimum of once per unit and come prepared with a question to ask your TA about an assignment. You may ask a question about using the software, your design choices or any other aspect of the assignment. You must speak with your TA and make sure your name is noted, or you will not receive credit.

If you are a Global Campus or Everett student:

You must get in touch with your TA a minimum of once per unit by sending an email or posting on the “Ask the Instructors” forum on Blackboard. You may receive additional instructions from your TA.

Participation credit is worth 10 points per unit, for a total of 40 points. The requirement can be completed at any point during each unit:

  • Unit 1: Weeks 3-5 (Week 2 also counts)
  • Unit 2: Weeks 6-8
  • Unit 3: Weeks 9-11
  • Unit 4: Weeks 12-15