Advice from previous COM210 students

discussionAt the end of previous semesters, we asked students what advice they’d give to students just starting out in COM210. Here’s what they had to say about procrastination, creativity, assignments and more:

On expectations…

“It’s more work than you expect.”

“Be prepared to put a lot of time and effort if you want at least a B.”

“Know that it isn’t easy like everyone says it is. Carve out chunks of time to do the tutorials.”

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Week 1: Welcome to COM210!

Welcome to COM210: Multimedia Content Creation! This can be a challenging course, but most students who leave plenty of time for assignments say that it’s a fun one. I’m your professor, and if you didn’t see the welcome message from me during your first lab session, you can view that in the previous post.

During Week 1, we get started right away with a lot of information and the first assignment. You’ll be meeting your section’s TA and you can always find our contact information on the course About page.

A couple of things I want you to know about COM210:

1. This class is big. There are usually 300-500 students enrolled each semester, which would fill the largest lecture hall on campus. What this means is that you need to be your own best advocate, and ask for help when you need it.

2. This class is not easy. You should definitely ask for help if you’re struggling, but this course is designed to give you hands-on problem-solving experience, which means it takes time. If you block out that time in your schedule now, you’ll get much more from the course than if you try to rush before deadlines.

3. This class has been substantially revised. The overall structure and learning goals remain the same, but many details have changed. If you have taken this course before or heard about it from other students, be careful to go through this semester’s materials and avoid making assumptions.

Week 1 To-Do List

❑ Make sure you are receiving COM210 emails
❑ Read the course syllabus and take the Syllabus Quiz
❑ Review the Course Schedule
❑ Complete all readings and assignments listed for Week 1