Orientation Checklist

The first week of COM210 includes a lot of information! Use this checklist to make sure you are off to a strong start in COM210 and receiving all the necessary communication from your TA and instructor.

1. Thoroughly read the course syllabus. This will answer many common questions about attendance, required materials, grading and extra credit. Then, take the Syllabus Quiz in Blackboard to check your knowledge.

2. Complete all readings and assignments listed on the Course Schedule. For each week, readings and assignments are listed with links. These links will go live at the beginning of each week, and sometimes earlier so you can work ahead.

3. Read the Software & Technical Requirements carefully. Make sure you understand the options and think about how you plan to access the required software. For online students, it is imperative that you check your personal computer to make sure it can run the required Adobe software.

4. Check the course blog on the website homepage. This week’s posts include tips from students in previous semesters, and this is where you will find updates, tips and other interesting things during the semester to supplement the required readings.

5. Email your TA. All students are required to contact their TA once per unit, and it’s recommended that you briefly introduce yourself during the first week.

6. Make sure you are receiving COM210 emails. A welcome email was sent to your WSU email account the day before classes started, and a reminder email is also sent on Friday of Week 1. If you have not received these, check your email settings and spam filter.

7. Sign up for text message reminders. COM210 uses a service called Remind to send out reminders about assignment deadlines. This is an optional service, but students who’ve used it in the past reported that it was tremendously beneficial in making sure they didn’t forget any deadlines.

8. Edit your Blackboard alert preferences. You can manage your alerts and how they’re sent to you by clicking the menu in the very top right of Blackboard by your name and choosing Settings > Edit Notification Settings.

Have any questions? Find all instructor contact information on the course About page.

You do not need to submit any proof that you have completed these steps, but taking these actions now is the best way to make sure you are on track to do well in the course.