Late Work Policy

This course policy includes information on:

  • Penalties for late assignments
  • How to use your Late Work Pass
  • What to do if you cannot make a deadline

Late assignments receive a 10% deduction per day and after five days will receive a zero. Feedback Assignments will receive a 20% deduction per late day and after two days will receive a zero. Quizzes may not be taken for credit after the deadline. Some other assignments, such as assignments due at the end of the semester, may have different late work penalties specified in the assignment instructions.

Every student receives one Late Work Pass for the semester, explained in detail below. No exceptions to the Late Work Policy will be made except in rare cases of unexpected extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the instructor.

Assignments are not complete until they are submitted correctly, and late penalties apply to incorrect submissions. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that all assignments are submitted correctly.

If you have technical issues…
Computer malfunctions, loss of Internet connection and other technical issues happen, but in such cases late penalties still apply. If you experience any issues while submitting your assignment, contact your instructor and TA before the assignment deadline. If you’re new to Blackboard and/or WordPress, you should consider completing your assignment well before the due date to allow for the possibility of technical issues.

If you have extracurricular activities or university conflicts…
In cases of documented university conflict, you are responsible for making alternative arrangements and responsibilities must be fulfilled before the normally scheduled time.

If you have a personal emergency…
The expectation is that students will notify their TA and course instructor as soon as possible (the way you would notify a boss that you won’t make it to work) and continue to complete coursework remotely if possible. For extended interruptions, such as severe injury or lengthy recovery, the student should contact the instructor to discuss the possibility of a brief extension or “Incomplete” grade. If you have any ongoing or chronic health issues that may affect your ability to complete coursework, you must make arrangements through the Access Center to establish appropriate accommodations.

Late Work Pass

late-work-passEvery student may use one Late Work Pass during the semester. The Late Work Pass can be used for any assignment except peer feedback assignments and quizzes. It must be used prior to Finals Week. The pass may be used in one of two ways:

  1. For one assignment submitted within 5 days of the deadline, the late penalty is waived; OR
  2. For one assignment submitted more than 5 days after the deadline, the assignment is accepted with a 50% penalty

To use the Late Work Pass, include the following text with your late submission in Blackboard OR in a separate email to your TA:

“My submission for the ________ assignment is ___ days late. Please apply my Late Work Pass toward the late penalty for this assignment.”

After the Late Work Pass has been used, it cannot be taken back or applied to a different assignment. Contact your TA with any questions about the Late Work Pass.