Lab Attendance Policy

lab-attendance2Students in Pullman are required to make contact with their TA by attending their section lab hours at least once per unit. (Distance students, see your note below.) Students should use this contact to discuss course related materials such as technical questions, course project critical feedback, or anything else you may run into in the class.

Be sure your TA notes your name for your first contact in each of our four units:

  • Unit 1: Graphic Design (Weeks 2-4)
  • Unit 2: Vector Graphics (Weeks 5-7)
  • Unit 3: Audio (Weeks 8-10)
  • Unit 4: Video (Weeks 11-16)

Lab attendance is worth 10 points per unit, worth a total of 40 points.

As noted in our syllabus, students are encouraged to attend scheduled lab or virtual lab hours frequently throughout the semester. However, the lab requirement is only for a minimum of one contact per unit.

For Global Campus distance students only:

For lab attendance credit, students in the online-only Global Campus section must contact their TA a minimum of once per unit. This contact may include sending an email, scheduling a Skype meeting or participating in other virtual sessions as determined by your TA.