Introduction to Course Content

This chapter includes information on:

  • What you will learn in COM210
  • How the course is structured for content and assignments

What is COM210?

COM210 is a multimedia course from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication in which you will learn both storytelling design principles and professional software skills.

By the end of the course you will have the knowledge and technical skills to tell an effective story using various digital media.

Course Structure

The course is organized into four units. Each unit is organized in the same way, with readings and materials that correspond with a portfolio project. The material, assignment and order for each unit is:

  1. Read online chapters and watch videos about the unit topic;
  2. Complete tutorials to learn the software required for the unit;
  3. Complete a draft version of the unit project and write a blog post;
  4. Give feedback to your classmates on their drafts and write a self-critique;
  5. Complete a final version of your project and write an updated blog post.

Your Course Topic

You will be choosing a course topic to focus on for the entire semester, so that all your portfolio projects are related to a single theme. You are encouraged to choose a topic related to your professional goals or identity, or some other aspect of your life. More information about choosing your topic is included in the Topic Introduction Post assignment for Week 2.

Unit 1

In Unit 1, you will work with images in Adobe Photoshop and learn about principles of visual design. Here are some examples of graphic design projects students have created in Unit 1.

Unit 2

In Unit 2, you will work with vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator and learn about principles of visual identity and design. Here are some example logo projects that students have created in Unit 2.

Unit 3

In Unit 3, you will work with audio editing in Adobe Audition and learn about audio recording and storytelling. Here are links to some example audio stories that students have created in Unit 3.

Unit 4

In Unit 4, you will work with video editing in Adobe Premiere and learn about video production and storytelling. Here are links to some example video stories students have created in Unit 4.

England Through My Eyes
Laurissa’s View: Painting and Creation
Eat. Code. Sleep.

If you complete all assignments and put in the effort to create projects you’re proud of, you will end the semester with a beginning portfolio that shows your range of multimedia skills.