Image and Media Usage Policy

As noted in your Narrative Graphic Collage assignment, your final collage should be publishable outside of academia. This is true of all of our major assignments in COM210.

In other words, ALL images and other media that you use in your assignments should either be:

  1. Created by you, or
  2. Shared under a free-to-remix license like the Creative Commons license described in our copyright readings.

If the image does not meet one of the two criteria stated above, you must be given permission by the copyright holder to use the image or media. You must provide proof of this permission to your TA before you turn in your completed assignment.

If you use any image or media that you did not create yourself, you must link to the original source and state who the copyright holder is and the terms of the usage. if you use Creative Commons images or media, It should be clear from your link that the original work is shared under a free-to-remix license.

It is best if you create all the materials in your collage yourself.