Turn In Completed Illustrator Tutorials

When you complete all 5 tutorials, you should have 5 .AI files saved in your Illustrator Tutorials folder. You will need to zip this folder to submit to Blackboard, and you will also need to create a set of web-ready .JPG images to post on your blog.

Exporting for the Web

1. Open each completed .AI file in Illustrator and go to File > Save For Web or File > Export > Save For Web (Legacy). The option differs depending on which version of Illustrator you’re using, but the interface works the same way.

2. In the top right, select the “JPEG High” preset. Click “Save” in the bottom right. Save the image to a new folder called “Illustrator Tutorials for Web.”

3. Repeat for all 5 tutorial files, then create a WordPress post that includes each of the 5 .JPG images.

This video shows the process for Illustrator CC (the newest version) and Illustrator CS6 (what we have in the Murrow labs):

Submitting to Blackboard

1. Make sure all 5 .AI files are in your “Illustrator Tutorials” folder, then zip that folder:

  • In Windows, right click the folder and select Send To > Compressed (zipped folder).
  • On a Mac, right-click (or Control-click) the folder and select “Compress ‘Illustrator Tutorials.'”

2. You will now see a file called Illustrator Tutorials.zip. Attach the zip file containing your .AI files to your assignment submission in Blackboard, which should also include the URL to your blog post with the images.