Illustrator Tutorials

Points: 30
Due Date: Friday, June 1, at 11:59 p.m.

In this assignment you will complete five tutorials about using Adobe Illustrator. You will save them as .JPG images to post on your blog, and submit the original .AI images to Blackboard.


  1. If you plan to use your own computer, download Illustrator CC.
  2. Using Illustrator, complete the five tutorials. Detailed instructions are available from the links below.
  3. Once you have completed the tutorials, post images of the completed tutorials to your blog according the the instructions below.
  4. Finally, submit your blog post URL and original files to Blackboard to complete the assignment.

Getting Started with Illustrator

If you have not used Illustrator before, it can be a very challenging program. It is strongly recommended that you view the following 3-minute video from Adobe even if you are familiar with the program: What Is Illustrator?


You will be using Adobe Illustrator to create your Logo Project. These tutorials will help you get familiar with the basic tools in Illustrator. You will apply the skills you learn here to create your project for this unit.

These tutorials combine materials created specifically for COM210 and materials published on professional design blogs to give you practice following different tutorial styles. If you find the tutorials difficult to follow, it is highly recommended that you view this introduction to the interface.


Select each tutorial to find written instructions and videos.

  1. Fist logo
  2. Pencil illustration
  3. Banner design
  4. Varsity lettering
  5. Tracing logo
  6. Finally, turn in your completed tutorials

Turn in your completed tutorials

Follow the instructions for Turning in Your Illustrator Tutorials to prepare all of your completed tutorials for submission to Blackboard and posting on your blog.

Upon completion of each tutorial you should have two copies of each tutorial:

  1. An original .AI (Illustrator) file for each completed tutorial. You attach these files in a zip folder to your submission in Blackboard;
  2. A .JPG file that you exported at the end of the tutorial series. You post this to your blog.

REMEMBER: Your assignment is not considered “complete” until you post the .JPG images to your blog AND turn in your completed .AI files and URL to Blackboard.

Additional Tutorials

Here are some more Illustrator tutorials and resources you may find helpful. These are not required.

How to design a logo with Illustrator (Adobe)
Ways to select content in Illustrator
How to align objects in Illustrator
Logo with rotation and blending effects (Logo Design Tutorials)
How to create different types of flowers (tuts+)
100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials (Creative Bloq)

Grading Rubric

Tutorials will be graded for completion. Each tutorial is worth 6 points for 30 points total.