FAQ: WordPress

What is the difference between a Page and a Post in WordPress?

Whether you're in the old WordPress interface (left) or the new one (right), you can choose between Posts and Pages.
Choosing between Posts and Pages, in the old WordPress interface (left) and the new (right).

In WordPress, you can create both Pages and Posts. The editing interface looks similar, and they typically look similar when they’re published. So what’s the difference? It all has to do with how your content is related and organized.

Pages are meant for static, standalone content that doesn’t change often. They don’t have categories and they’re not listed by date.

Posts connect to each other as a stream of content, so they include the date as well as categories and tags.

Here are other good explanations of Pages vs. Posts:

Note: In COM210, the only Page you’re required to create is your About page. All other assignment content is published as Posts.

How do I approve comments on WordPress?

Other students in the course will post feedback about your projects as comments on your WordPress blog. Usually, you will need to approve those comments before they are visible on your blog. Here’s how to do that and change your comment approval settings.

To approve comments:

1. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Comments and view the list of all comments on your blog.

2. Hover over any comment and click Approve so it will show up on your blog. You can also click its checkbox in the top left, then go to the Bulk Actions dropdown above the comments.


To change your comment settings so some comments are approved automatically, go to Settings > Discussion from the main dashboard menu and select the settings you prefer.

How can I make the correct time show on my blog posts?

All your posts in WordPress should show the date you posted them, and many themes show the exact time as well. If this time information is inaccurate, you can change your timezone settings in WordPress under Settings > General.

For Pullman and other West Coast locations, choose Los Angeles or UTC-8. Once you save the settings, check that the “local time” displayed by the timezone field is correct.


I can’t find my About Me page but I know I wrote it!

Some WordPress themes don’t display the About Me page overtly. You have a few options. You could switch themes. You could also add a custom menu that allows access to the About page by going to Appearance-> Menus. Or, you can simply add “/about” to the url of your site to see the page (and indicate this to your TA so they can find it).

How do I make my front page to be a static homepage instead of showing my newest postings?

The option to set this is in a very confusing location on the WordPress Dashboard. Go under Settings, and then select Reading. Here you have the option to select any one of your pages as the front page, and any page to be designated as that which is for posts. Just make sure to make your navigation obvious for when other students access your site for critiques.

How can I embed my video(s) into a WordPress post?

WordPress has some very good instructions on how to embed YouTube videos in a blog post. (https://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/). They also have instructions on embedding Vimeo videos (https://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/vimeo/).

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