FAQ: Photoshop

Are there any other tutorials available for Photoshop?

Adobe has some excellent tutorials one the Adobe Photoshop Support Page. There are tutorials for beginners who are just getting started and tutorials that teach key techniques for mastering the program.

In my photo collage, can I use a photo taken by a friend?

Yes, this is acceptable, but please remember to ask for permission to use their photo and to credit the individual that took the photo in your blog post. For all other questions of fair use, please consult the Image and Media Usage Policy.

How do you add multiple images in Photoshop?

For your Narrative Graphic Collage project in Unit 1, you will combine multiple images to tell a story. Here are two strategies for adding multiple images to one Photoshop document, demonstrated in the video and described below.

Method 1: With a blank document open in Photoshop, go to File > Place and navigate to the file you want to add.

Method 2: Go to File > Open to open multiple images in Photoshop. Each will appear in its own frame, so separate the tabs and then drag the image from one frame into another.

How do I put a picture inside a shape?

Good question! This is one of the most common Photoshop techniques students use in their projects! The solution involves something called a clipping mask.

This is such a common question that we put together a short tutorial on it – Clipping Mask Tutorial.

Why is my image(s) showing up in the layers panel, but not in the actual project?

First, use the move tool and drag the image from the layers panel and to the background layer you’re currently working with.

Another common problem is that layers are hidden underneath another image in your layers panel – remember that the image at the very top of the layers panel list will appear on top of every other image in your project, while the image at the bottom of that list will appear below every other image.

Also make sure the eye icon next to the image in the layers panel is toggled and that the image is unlocked (i.e. there isn’t a padlock icon next to the image in the layers panel)

How do I make adjustment layers on part of an image?

There are two ways to accomplish this depending on how many adjustment layers you are using. Recall the black and white adjustment in the Statue/Cone tutorial. With the adjustment layer selected, you can erase (or color erase) the area of the adjustment over the cone, revealing the color underneath.

Alternatively, you can do all of your adjustment layers on the photo in a separate file, then select the whole picture with the rectangular marquee tool and go to Edit-> Copy Merged. The picture with all its adjustments will come in as a single layer when you paste it into the canvas.

How do I cut something out of a picture?

Cutouts can be tricky, but are generally very successful ways to combine images in a novel way. If your image that you want to cut out has a very deliberate, visible edge, such as a dark outline on a white background, you can probably use the Quick Selection Tool to grab just that part of the image, then copy and paste. If your object is less overtly edged, you should zoom in very close, and use the pen tool to outline what part you want cut out. Then along the top toolbar you can use the “Make Selection” button. This will take your pen outline and turn it into a selection marquee that you can copy and paste.

How do I remove someone from a group shot?

This can be pretty tricky for our level of class, but there are a couple tools that could get it done. One is the clone stamp tool. The easier way is to use the content aware patch tool. Here’s an explanation on how to use it: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/content-aware-patch-move.html

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