FAQ: Illustrator

Are there any other tutorials available for Illustrator?

Adobe has some awesome tutorials one the Adobe Illustrator Support Page. There are tutorials for beginners who are just getting started and tutorials that teach key techniques for mastering the program.

I don’t know what a logo looks like or what I should make a logo of. Help!

Logos vary widely based on their purpose. I would suggest doing a Google search for “logos” or “good logos” to get some ideas. As for your own design, you should start with your topic. Then think of an object or image that typifies or describes your topic. For example, if you are a barista and want to make a logo for yourself, you might consider using a coffee cup with some personal flourish to it. Logos should be novel, unique, and self-explanatory.

How do I make my object look more 3D?

First, ask yourself whether your logo needs to look 3D. Many times they don’t, because they are small-scale objects on business cards or the like. If you go for a more abstract or cartoony look, for example, depth isn’t as important. If you are going for something more realism-based, you might consider some shadowing (but not with drop shadows – they look tacky!) Consider the tutorials and look at how they layer things together and use gradients to create the illusion of depth without doing anything super fancy or involved.

Am I allowed to use vector points to trace an image in Illustrator for my logo?

Yes, but keep in mind that scalability is important to consider for your logo, and images with lots of detail will not scale well. Ideally, your logo should work well at the size of a postage stamp and also at the size of a billboard.

How do I create unique text?

Text can be really hard to make unique and readable. Start with the Varsity lettering tutorial to get some ideas. Then, find a font that is close to your desired look. You can then go to Object-> Expand Appearance. This will change your text into a vector graphic you can easily manipulate. You can then experiment by adding anchor points with the pen tool on the text or by moving around anchor points with the direct selection tool.

My shapes never look smooth or perfect. How do you make logos picture-perfect like that?

You should avoid creating by hand as much as possible. If you need a smooth curve, start with an actual circle created with the circle shape tool. Then eliminate the parts you don’t need. This will ensure a smooth shape. Also, use exact numbers when sizing things. If you want a circle, make it 100×100 so that the math is easy. Then you know that a circle half that size will be 50X50 and you don’t have to guess. In general, use a little math to avoid eyeballing and your logos will look much more polished and professional.

Why is the font for the Varsity Lettering tutorial not showing up correctly in my project file?

With the layer selected, click Effect>Path>Outline Object. This should solve the problem.

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