FAQ: Course & Assignments (General)

What should my topic be?

Students should select a topic that they are knowledgeable of and one that they have access to content for. The suggested “About Me” topic tends to work for many people, since they can address it from many different angles. For example, one project may be about their favorite food, another about their family’s trip to Mexico and another could be about a personal hobby. Whatever the case, make sure your topic is has enough depth and breadth to cover the four digital media projects we’ll complete during the semester.

What should I focus on for my current project?

First, refer to the topic you selected at the beginning of class. Then, try to focus on a specific aspect of that topic. For example, if you picked “cooking” as your topic, you could focus on telling a story about the first time cooked your favorite recipe. Or, you could tell the story of a first date that went awry when a cooking adventure failed. In general, think about it first from a story perspective. Is there a good story I can tell about this? Then go from there. Narrative is key to all the projects, so keep that in mind.

How long do the tutorials take?

The time required for a given tutorial depends on the complexity of the tutorial, the skill level of the student and how comfortable they are with the software. For example, the Illustrator tutorials tend to take the longest; some individual tutorial can take up to 8 hours! We strongly encourage all students to start their tutorials well before the due date so that they can work at a pace they are comfortable with. This also allows for time to discuss any issues with your TA.

How do I create a zip archive of my project?

Most project require you to create a .zip archive of your completed project files. To do this,

  1. Create a folder
  2. Copy or place your tutorial files in that folder
  3. Right-click on the folder and select the ‘Send To’ option
  4. Select the ‘Compressed (zipped) folder’ option

How often do I need to go to my lab session?

Students in Pullman are required to make contact with their TA by attending their section lab hours at least once per unit (units are typically 3-4 weeks long).

Read the Lab Attendance Policy for more information.

Are there any open lab hours?

Yes! There are open lab hours in Jackson 53 and GCADD 123.

Lab hours for the semester are published on the Open Lab Hours page.

These labs have computers with Adobe CC installed.

Is extra credit available?

Yes! Students have the opportunity to earn up to 20 points of extra credit through participation in research studies conducted at The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication. Find out how on the Extra Credit page.