FAQ: Blackboard

How to I submit assignments in Blackboard?

All assignments for COM210 are submitted through Blackboard. First you publish the assignment as a post on your blog, and then you submit the link to that blog post in Blackboard. Here’s how to do that:

1. Log in to Blackboard Learn: http://learn.wsu.edu

2. If you have multiple classes in Blackboard, select COM210: Multimedia Content Creation. Click on Assignments from the course menu. There, you will see instructions and dropboxes that correspond with the assignments.


3. Select the dropbox for the assignment you’re submitting. The submission page includes useful information such as the rubric. Under Assignment Submission, click on Text Submission to open up the text box. This is where you will paste the link to your blog post for almost every assignment. There is also an attachment option, which you will use to attach your files for some assignments.


There is an optional box for comments. If you have problems or questions about the assignment, post separately in the “Ask the Instructors” forum on Blackboard or get in touch with your TA to make sure you receive a timely response.

4. Click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page. It’s easy to miss!


5. Once you successfully submit an assignment, your submission history will appear. Make sure you see the green “success” banner across the top of the screen and verify the link or text you submitted.


For more, check out the Assignment Submission resources from Blackboard help site.

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