FAQ: Audition

Are there any other tutorials available for Audition?

Adobe has some awesome tutorials one the Adobe Audition Support Page. There are tutorials for beginners who are just getting started and tutorials that teach key techniques for mastering the program.

What should I do if my recordings have a lot of background noise?

Ideally, you should try to reduce the amount of noise before and during your recording. It is a good idea test out your recording device in the space you’re in and listen back to the recording with headphones to determine if your recording will end up having too much background noise.

In the event you have already completed your recordings and they have significant amounts of background noise, here are some tutorials that can help with this problem:

How to Remove Background Noise

Reducing Noise on Audio Recordings

Removing Individual Noises

I have a friend who talks too quiet in this clip, but my voice is also in the clip and is super loud. How can I make it more even?

When recording, do your best to have voice volume levels as even as possible. If you are stuck with this situation in the editing room, however, there are options. The best one is to use keyframes to raise and drop the volume at each point as needed. Here’s a good tutorial about audio levels from Adobe:

Adjusting Audio Levels

Where do I find Creative Commons music? How do I cite it? What exactly can I use?

Simply put, you should only use CC music. Popular music rarely carries a CC license. Remixes are still copyright protected. Music on your iPod or similar device are still not available for use, even if you bought them. The Image and Media Usage Policy provides more specifics on what media is appropriate to use in the course. If you have any questions, you can always ask a TA if you are unsure if the music you found is CC.

Soundcloud is typically the best bet for finding Creative Commons music. To find it, do a search on the Soundcloud site, then under Tracks, click on attribution, and change the to listen to option to to modify commercially. This will show you the Creative Commons tracks available.

Remember to include both the uploader’s username and a link to the location you found the music, in your assignment blog post.

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