Week 12 – Wrapping Up

We’re almost done with the summer, and this week we wrap up Unit 4 with peer feedback, the final version of your Video Story, and a concluding blog post. There is no final exam for this course, so after this week you are done with COM210.

As you revise your Video Story, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do you imagine watching your video? What is its purpose?
  • What makes your video unique and interesting to watch?
  • Does your project make use of the video medium well by using both audio and visual elements?
  • Have you made use of different techniques from the tutorials (or beyond) to show your editing skills?
  • Are any materials that you didn’t create yourself clearly cited with permission?

Week 12 To-do List

❑ Complete the Video Story Feedback assignment by Tuesday
❑ Complete the Final Video Story assignment by Friday
❑ Earn your Unit 4 Participation credit by Friday
❑ Complete the Reflection Blog Post by Friday
❑ Complete the Course Evaluations by August 2

Week 5 – Logo Designs

If you completed all the Illustrator tutorials, great work! This week you’ll be applying those skills creatively to make your Draft Logo after first sketching your idea. Before you begin, make sure to go through this week’s chapters and read about the characteristics of successful logos so you can stay focused on the final goal.

Week 5 Checklist

❑ Read the course materials listed for Week 5
❑ Complete the Logo Sketch assignment by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday
❑ Submit your blog post for your Draft Logo by 11:59 p.m. on Friday
❑ Take the Unit 2 Quiz in Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. on Friday

Illustrator Games

Still a little confused about Illustrator tools, or looking for a way to refresh your skills? Try out Adobe’s quick Illustrator training games, which are focused on essential tools and skills: drawing line segments, drawing shapes, using the Shape Builder tool and using the Pen tool.

A scene from the game about learning to create shapes.
A scene from the game about learning to create shapes.

Week 2 – Starting Photoshop

Now that you’ve set up your course blog and selected a topic for your multimedia projects, we’re officially starting Unit 1! This week everyone will work through the same set of Photoshop tutorials to learn some tools and techniques, then next week you’ll be able to apply those skills to your own unique project.

Beginning this week, you will need access to Adobe Creative Cloud software. Students in Pullman can choose to use campus labs rather than purchasing the software (see the recently posted Open Lab Hours page), but all students who need or prefer to use their own computers will need to choose a software subscription. The options for this are explained on the Software & Technical Requirements chapter from Week 1, but it can be a bit confusing since Adobe offers numerous subscription options. I made this quick video to show you where to go for the two options that work well for this course:

Please note that Adobe has changed the order that the options appear on their website since I made this video, so make sure to read the text!

Everyone can also download a free 7-day trial of Photoshop, which gives you some additional time to figure out which subscription plan is best for you. Download each program from this Adobe Downloads page (which is also linked in the left menu on course website). Note that downloading Photoshop can take quite a while, especially depending on your internet speed or other installation issues with your computer. If you have any questions, please ask.

After trying out Photoshop tools and techniques for the tutorials assignment, it’s time to start the first multimedia project in this course: the Graphic Design Project. You have a lot of freedom in how you decide to create this project, but please read the instructions carefully to make sure your idea will fit all the requirements.

This project has multiple parts with different deadlines. The first portions, the Image Collection and Draft Graphic Design Project, are due on Friday. We’ll finish the rest of the project next week.

Students sometimes feel that they’re not creative or artistic enough to do this project well, but it is more about thinking of multiple ideas and evaluating how to clearly communicate a message visually. If you are worried about this, please start the project early and ask for help early on so we can talk through your ideas.

Week 2 To-Do List

❑ Download Photoshop if you plan to use it on your own computer
❑ Complete the Photoshop Tutorials assignment
❑ Go through the Week 2 readings listed on the Course Schedule
❑ Check the course blog for other new posts that may help you, such as tips for working in WordPress
❑ Complete and submit the Image Collection by Friday
❑ Complete and submit the Draft Graphic Design Project by Friday