Week 3: Diving into Photoshop!

With your course blog and selected topic completed, it’s now time to dive into your multimedia projects and the start of Unit 1! This week we will work through the same set of Photoshop tutorials to learn some tools and techniques. This will set you up well for Week 4, where we apply those skills to your own unique project.

Beginning this week, you will need access to Adobe Creative Cloud software. Students in Pullman can choose to use campus labs rather than purchasing the software (see the recently posted Open Lab Hours link at the top of the Syllabus), but all students who need or prefer to use their own computers will need to choose a software subscription. The options for this are explained on the Software & Technical Requirements chapter from Week 1. If you have any additional questions regarding purchase, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either your TA, or myself.

Everyone can also download a free 7-day trial of Photoshop, which gives you some additional time to figure out which subscription plan is best for you. Download each program from this Adobe Downloads page (which is also linked in the left menu on course website). Note that downloading Photoshop can take quite a while, especially depending on your internet speed or other installation issues with your computer. Leave yourself plenty of time to do so.

Week 3 To-Do List

❑ Download Photoshop if you plan to use it on your own computer
❑ Complete the Photoshop Tutorials assignment
❑ Go through the Week 3 readings listed on the Course Schedule

Job Opportunities!

Social Media Intern

WSU’s University Communications office is seeking a high-energy, enthusiastic student to be our next social media intern. Duties include capturing video and photo content for online posting, tracking and analyzing data from campaigns and assisting in strategic planning.

This position is paid $12 per hour with 10-19 hours per week. The position may also be used as internship credit. The internship begins at the end of spring semester 2018.

If you are interested, visit https://socialmedia.wsu.edu/ to see the full job description and apply.


Student Video Coordinator

The WSU Football Program is seeking several part-time student video coordinators to film all practices and games during the season, spring camp and fall camp (this may include traveling to away games and bowl games). You must be able to operate a camera and be comfortable being elevated approximately 40 ft. in the air in a sky lift. Knowledge of football and cameras is appreciated, but not required.

This position provides minimum wage compensation. If you are interested, contact Nolan Butuso at nolan.butuso@wsu.edu.

Week 2: Your First Blog Post and Copyright Law

Congratulations… you’ve officially made it through the first week of the semester. Now, it’s time to dive into Week 2! Hopefully everyone has submitted their WordPress Blog Assignment (if you haven’t submitted it yet, please be sure to do so as soon as possible, with Wednesday being the final day to submit for partial credit).

During this week, you’ll cement your topic, publish your first blog post, and learn about U.S. Copyright Law. Be sure to read the Topic Introduction Post Assignment early this week so you have some time to think about your topic before formally committing to it.

When it comes to copyright law, there’s lots of misinformation out there, and it’s important you’re aware of the details so you can create unique and exciting materials without infringing on someone else’s protected work. Under copyright law, original text, graphics, audio, video and all other elements that make up the original nature of the material are protected, and are property of the original owner unless specific permissions and protocol is in place. It’s very important that all assignments and materials used in this course follow copyright laws. If you have a question regarding these regulations throughout the semester, be sure to reach out to myself, or your TA, to make sure you don’t include any illegal material!

Good luck on this week’s assignments, and don’t forget to do the readings before you dive in…

Week 2 To-Do List

❑ Read about Blogging Best Practices and User-Centered Design
❑ Complete the Topic Introduction Post assignment
❑ Read about Copyright & Fair Use, then take the Copyright Quiz


Week 1: Welcome to COM210!

Welcome to COM210: Multimedia Content Creation! This can be a challenging course, but most students who leave plenty of time for assignments say that it’s a fun one. I’m your professor, and if you’d like to become better acquainted, please feel free to make an appointment to connect with me or learn more on the About page.

During Week 1, we get started right away with a lot of information and the first assignment.

A couple of things I want you to know about COM210:

1. This class is big. There are usually 300-500 students enrolled each semester, which would fill the largest lecture hall on campus. What this means is that you need to be your own best advocate, and ask for help when you need it.

2. This class is not easy. You should definitely ask for help if you’re struggling, but this course is designed to give you hands-on problem-solving experience, which means it takes time. If you block out that time in your schedule now, you’ll get much more from the course than if you try to rush before deadlines.

3. This class has been substantially revised. The overall structure and learning goals remain the same, but many details have changed. If you have taken this course before or heard about it from other students, be careful to go through this semester’s materials and avoid making assumptions.

Week 1 To-Do List

❑ Make sure you are receiving COM210 emails
❑ Read the course syllabus and take the Syllabus Quiz
❑ Review the Course Schedule
❑ Complete all readings and assignments listed for Week 1