Audition Tutorial: Editing an Interview

Using the tools you learned in the first tutorial, you will edit an interview into a 30-second sound clip. The following video shows a demonstration of the general workflow, but your final tutorial will differ based on the clip you select.

1. Download the MP3 interview file from the main Audition Tutorials page or from this link: 1962MurrowInterview.mp3

This is a 6-minute interview from 1962 in which Edward R. Murrow talks about satellite communication, which was an innovative new technology at the time. The audio recording is in the Public Domain, so there are no copyright restrictions. You can read more about the file on the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum website.

Since Murrow was a news reporter, he was typically the one doing the interviewing. But in this audio interview, he is the one answering questions.

2. Listen to the entire interview in Adobe Audition or other audio software and identify an interesting statement or thought from Murrow’s portion of the audio.

3. After you have identified the clip from the interview you would like to use, you should record yourself providing a brief introduction. Your introduction should be relevant to whatever clip you decide to use and should include your name and a description of the topic. For example, your introduction might be:

“This is [your name] for COM210. In this interview from 1962, Edward R. Murrow explains [topic of the clip you’ve selected].”

4. Edit your introduction and your selected interview clip together in Adobe Audition. Your total audio project should be 30-45 seconds, including the introduction. You will only receive partial credit if the recording falls outside of the specified time frame.

The introduction and interview clip should sound smooth and concise. You should remove any extraneous words such as “like” or “umm,” and the transition between clips should be seamless.

5. After you have completed your edit, export the track as an mp3 file (as you did in the first tutorial).

You should now have three exported tracks total for the first two tutorials, which you will upload later.