Audition Tutorial: Counting Numbers

In this first Audition tutorial, you will record yourself counting out of order, then edit the recording into the correct sequence with music playing underneath. Step-by-step instructions for this tutorial are provided below the video.

1. Using Adobe Audition, start a new “Multitrack session” under File > New. This session should be 16-bit, 44100Hz Stereo.

2. Create a recording of yourself counting from 1-10 out of order (e.g., 2, 6, 10, 5, 3, 8, 1, 7, 4, 9) using a smart phone, digital camera, laptop recording program or other digital recorder.

3. After you have this audio file available, drag the recording of you saying 1-10 out of order into the “files” pane in the top left of Audition.

4. Then, drag that imported file into “Track 1” of the multitrack session using the Move tool located in the top toolbar.

5. You can use the Select tool to highlight and delete and extra time on either side of your recording. Alternately, you can hover over the end of the clip with the Move tool and then drag the ends of the clip inward.

6. Next, use the Move tool to slide the audio so it starts at “0.0 seconds.”

7. Export this audio recording as an mp3 file. This will show that you did indeed record yourself counting out of order before reordering the numbers using the software. Select File > Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session. In the following menu be sure to select Format: MP3, Sample Rate: 44100Hz Stereo, 16-bit.

8. Once an out-of-order mp3 is saved, you will reorder the numbers. Use the Razor tool to split the track between each number and then use the Move tool and drag the numbers into the proper order in “track 2” in the multi-session window. (Another way you could accomplish this would be to use the Selection tool to highlight individual numbers and cut and paste them back in order in “track 2” in the multitrack editing window.)

9. Now it’s time to add music in the background.

  • Download and unzip the Ascona Audio .zip file if you have not already done this. Put the ascona.mp3 file into the folder where you are saving your audio tutorials.
  • Next, drag the ascona.mp3 music file into the file pane in Audition, then drag it into an unused track in the multitrack session. (If this does not work, make sure the file is fully “unzipped” or “extracted.”)
  • Once this music file is in a new track, you’ll want to crop it using the razor tool so it is about 10 seconds longer than the time it takes you to count from 1-10.
  • Select the all audio from the “counting” track using the Move tool and drag it so it is centered in between the music file. That is, there should be about 5 seconds of music before you start counting, and 5 seconds of music after you finish counting.

10. The volume of the music track needs to adjusted so it fades in and out smoothly, and doesn’t compete with the counting.

  • After clicking on the music track with the Select tool, click the square in the top left of the clip and drag it to the right. Also, drag the square in the top right of the music file and drag it to the left. This will create a “Fade in” and “Fade out” for the music. Note: Do not play the entire music file — be sure to fade it in and out!
  • Next, you’ll want to move your mouse using the Select tool to the yellow “envelope” line about 3/4 of the way up on the music track. When you hover your mouse over the envelope line, you should see the word “Volume” appear.
  • Next, click on the yellow line about 1 second before you start counting. This will create a volume automation point denoted with a small diamond.
  • Click the yellow line again about 1 second after you have started counting. Drag the second volume automation point you created down to lower the volume of the music underneath your voice. You can start at a level of -8dB.
  • Now, try playing the volume level adjustments to get the music volume sounding appropriate underneath your count. The music should fade to the background. It should be audible, but not loud enough to distract from hearing the numbers clearly.
  • Repeat this process at the end of your count. About one second before you finish counting create a volume automation point and a second point about a second after you finish counting. Drag the second point up so the music is again playing at full volume.

11. At this point, your second file for this tutorial should have music that fades up to full volume, then fades below your counting in order from 1-10. Next, the music should come back to full volume after you finish counting, then fade out at the end.

Once you have finished this audio tutorial, export the file by going to File > Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session. Remember to select Format: MP3, Sample Rate: 44100Hz Stereo, 16-bit.

You should have two mp3 files saved:

  1. one audio file of you counting out of order, and;
  2. a second audio file of you counting in order with a music bed added.

You will upload these two files to Soundcloud and embed them on your blog once you’ve completed all Audition Tutorials.