Audition Tutorials

Points: 30
Due Date: Fri., Mar. 9, at 11:59 p.m.
Resources: (contains music file)
Murrow interview file (mp3)
Chime1.wav (sound effect)
Chime2.wav (sound effect)

In this assignment you will complete three audio editing tutorials about using Adobe Audition. You will save a total of four mp3 files, publish them on your blog using Soundcloud, and submit the URL to Blackboard. You do not need to attach your mp3 files to your Blackboard submission.


  1. If you plan to use your own computer, download Audition CC.
  2. Using Audition, complete the three tutorials. Detailed instructions are available from the links below. Note that you will need to make recordings using your computer, smartphone or other audio recording device.
  3. Once you have completed the tutorials, post the completed sound files to Soundcloud and embed them on your blog according the the instructions below.
  4. Finally, submit your blog post URL to Blackboard to complete the assignment. You do not need to attach your Audition files to your Blackboard submission, but your TA may request your files later.

Getting Started with Audition

Most students find the audio editing tools in Audition to be more intuitive than Photoshop or Illustrator. However, the interface can still be challenging, with many important tools and features hidden in small buttons. It is strongly recommended that you view the following 2-minute video from Adobe even if you are familiar with the program: What is Audition?


You will be using Adobe Audition to complete these tutorials and to create your Draft Audio Story assignment. These tutorials will help you get familiar with the basic editing tools in Audition. Ultimately, the skills you learn here will enable you to develop cohesive and compelling audio stories.

These tutorials will likely take less time than our previous tutorials to complete. However, make sure you feel confident about gathering and recording audio as well as editing it, since this will be critical to how your Audio Story turns out.

Select each tutorial to find written instructions and videos:

1. Audition Tutorial: Counting
2. Audition Tutorial: Editing an Interview
3. Audition Tutorial: Vox Pop
4. Finally, post your audio files online and embed them in your blog post

Turn in your completed tutorials

Follow the instructions for Posting your Audition Tutorials to upload your completed tutorials to Soundcloud and post them to your blog.

Upon completion of the three tutorials you should have four audio files to post on your blog.

Note: Please be sure to keep your original recording files. Audition does not add the actual audio files to the editor if you import them. If your original audio recording files move or change names, you will receive a “Media not found” error in Audition. You can relink Audition to the original recording files by right-clicking on the missing audio and going to “Link media.”

Audio Recording Tools

For these tutorials, you can capture audio using Audition on your computer or with another audio recording device, such as a smartphone. The following programs may be useful for gathering interview footage for your audio/video projects. There are many other methods and products available for recording screencasts, so you are certainly not limited to these suggestions.

Basic Audio Recording Tools:

Windows: You can use the Sound Recorder application to record audio.
Mac OS X: You can use Quicktime to record audio and video.

Skype Recording Tools:

Windows: Skype Recorder, Pamela
Mac OS X: Call Recorder (Quicktime can also record your screen)