Alumni links and resources

If you continue in a media-related career path, we hope you will be able to use the storytelling and technical skills you learned in COM210: Multimedia Content Creation. Here are resources organized by unit as a reference for future projects and experimentation.

Unit 1

VIDEO: Graphic designer Milton Glaser talking about Internet and design
The five basic rules of shot composition (Smash & Peas)
Shooting and Managing Digital Photos from Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive
VIDEO: Gestalt Theory Principle: Proximity
Visual Unity and Gestalt (Gestalt Effects)
Proximity, Continuity, Repetition, Closure, Figure and Ground (Gestalt Effects)
Gestalt, Similarity and Proximity, Alignment (Design Notes, Jim Saw)

Understanding Layers
Correcting perspective with the crop tool
Blending Layers
Basic Image Adjustment
Adjustment Layers
Separating picture from background and adding effects
Learn Photoshop CC Series
Editing Text
Facial Retouching
Photoshop Basix Tutorial Series
Learn Photoshop CS6 Series
Photoshop Crash Course

Copyright Readings:
Copyright Quick Guide and What Is Fair Use? (Columbia University Libraries)
Owning the Past: A Brief History of Copyright (Cohen and Rosenzweig)
About Creative Commons Licenses (Creative Commons)
The World of Peer-to-Peer (WikiBooks)
VIDEO: TED Talk by Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons

Unit 2

Figure Ground (Elements of Visual Design)
Gestalt Theory and Photographic Composition (Apogee Photo Magazine)
VIDEO: Positive and Negative Space
VIDEO: 98 Principles of Design Balance
Gestalt Principles Applied in Design (Six Revisions)
VIDEO: Satisfy the Cat, a.k.a. User-Centered Design
Design Simply and Color (Universal Usability)
How to Think and Communicate Visually (David Armano)
VIDEO: Interview with Graphic Designer Jesse Parrotti

Fist Logo
Purple Lemon Logo
Vector RSS Icon
Stacked Paper Illustration
Glowing Abstract Light Graphic
Obama Campaign Logo
Safari Compass Icon
Bunny Illustration

Unit 3

VIDEO: Ira Glass on Storytelling
10 Quick Editing Tips from Editing Audio: The Complete Guide
Audio editing tips: ‘An aggressive process’ (The New Newsroom)
Basic Principles, Interviewing, Technical Tips (Radio Diaries)
Digital Audio and Podcasting from Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive
Levels (Transom)
On Interviewing (Alex Blumberg)
Interviewers on Interviewing (Hearing Voices)
VIDEO: Interview with Audio Producer Bryan Berge

Audition Tutorial: Counting Numbers
Audition Tutorial: Editing an Interview

Audio Resources:
Creative Commons Music Communities
SoundCloud Creative Commons group

Unit 4

VIDEO: The five shot rule
Five Shots, 10 Seconds (Mindy McAdams)
Basic Video Editing from Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive
Storyboard Components
Center for Digital Storytelling
VIDEO: Video Editing: The Kitchen of Storytelling
Sequencing: The foundation of video storytelling (Mastering Multimedia)
Cut of the Month
Editing Tips for Video Storytellers (University of South Florida)
VIDEO: Web Video Compression and Codecs
Advanced Encoding Settings
Video Compression Guidelines (Vimeo)
VIDEO: Interview with Multimedia Producer Dimitri Simakis

Premiere CC Tutorial #1: Crash Course
Premiere Tutorial #2: Animating Title Sequence
Color Correction and Adjustments
Using the Three Way Color Corrector
Create Logo Bug
Keying (removing a green screen background)
Applying effects to multiple clips

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