Week 12: The Final Unit

Your assignment this week: Watch that documentary you’ve been meaning to see. Check out the viral videos you’ve been resisting. Binge on that TV show your friend recommended.

This week we begin Unit 4: Adobe Premiere and Video Storytelling with a brief break from COM210 assignments. There are readings to do, but no deadlines this week.

However, get a head start by paying close attention to the video content you encounter. What is the format? How does it catch your attention? What type of shots are used? And does it make use of both audio and visuals to present the story? Thinking critically about how videos are constructed will help as you begin your own video projects this unit.

Week 12 Checklist

❑ Go through the readings for Week 12
❑ Look into the extra credit opportunities if you haven’t already
❑ Check your grades in Blackboard and speak with your TA about any questions or concerns

That’s it!

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