FAQ: Understanding the draft rubric

The feedback and revision phase is important for all four multimedia projects in this course. Along with the comments you’ll receive from your peers in the feedback assignment, you’ll also receive feedback from your TA about the strengths and weaknesses of your draft.

In Blackboard, you will see two rubrics for your draft project: one for your score, and the other for more detailed feedback. The following video explains the two rubrics and how they relate to the way the final version is graded:

Once your draft is graded, you can access those two rubrics by going to “My Grades” in Blackboard and clicking the “View Rubric” link below the assignment name.


The most important thing to note is that most assignments in this course (including your draft project) are graded for completion, meaning you get full credit as long as you successfully complete all parts. The final version of each multimedia project is graded to a high standard with a rigorous rubric. Earning a “C” is typical on the final projects, and this is balanced by all the other assignments where you can earn 100%. For this reason, it’s important to go through the feedback rubric for your draft project and ask your TA questions if you’re not sure how to improve on certain categories.

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