Week 4: Starting the Unit 1 project

After trying out Photoshop tools and techniques last week for the tutorials assignment, it’s now time to start the first multimedia project in this course: the Graphic Design Project. You have a lot of freedom in how you decide to create this project, but please read the instructions carefully to make sure your idea will fit all the requirements.

This project has multiple parts with different deadlines. The first portion, the Image Collection, is due on Tuesday to show that you’re making progress and collecting raw materials to work with. The second part, your Draft Graphic Design Project, is due on Friday. We’ll finish the rest of the project next week.

There is also a short quiz due this week in Blackboard, which covers the Unit 1 readings for Weeks 3 and 4. You can take this anytime before the deadline.

Students sometimes feel that they’re not creative or artistic enough to do this project well, but it is more about thinking of multiple ideas and evaluating how to clearly communicate a message visually. If you are worried about this, please start the project early and ask for help early on so we can talk through your ideas.

Week 4 To-Do List

❑ Read the Week 4 readings listed on the course schedule
❑ Complete and submit the Image Collection by Tuesday
❑ Complete and submit the Draft Graphic Design Project by Friday
❑ Take the Unit 1 Quiz in Blackboard by Friday