Week 3: Starting Unit 1 with Photoshop

Now that you’ve set up your course blog and selected a topic for your multimedia projects, we’re officially starting Unit 1! This week everyone will work through the same set of Photoshop tutorials to learn some tools and techniques, then next week you’ll be able to apply those skills to your own unique project.

Beginning this week, you will need access to Adobe Creative Cloud software. Students in Pullman can choose to use campus labs rather than purchasing the software (see the recently posted Open Lab Hours page), but all students who need or prefer to use their own computers will need to choose a software subscription. The options for this are explained on the Software & Technical Requirements chapter from Week 1, but it can be a bit confusing since Adobe offers numerous subscription options. I made this quick video to show you where to go for the two options that work well for this course:

Please note that Adobe has changed the order that the options appear on their website since I made this video, so make sure to read the text!

Everyone can also download a free 7-day trial of Photoshop, which gives you some additional time to figure out which subscription plan is best for you. Download each program from this Adobe Downloads page (which is also linked in the left menu on course website). Note that downloading Photoshop can take quite a while, especially depending on your internet speed or other installation issues with your computer. If you have any questions, please ask.

Week 3 To-Do List

❑ Download Photoshop if you plan to use it on your own computer
❑ Complete the Photoshop Tutorials assignment
❑ Go through the Week 3 readings listed on the Course Schedule
❑ Check the course blog for other new posts that may help you, such as tips for working in WordPress