Tip: Tabs for working with WordPress

Hopefully you read the Week 1 chapter on web publishing, so you know that the WordPress dashboard where you edit content is called the back end, and the published blog that other people can see is called the front end.

WordPress offers lots of options to switch from the back end to the front end and back, plus preview modes for content that you haven’t published yet. It can get confusing pretty quickly. I recommend using two browser tabs every time you use WordPress — one for the back end, and one for the front end. That way you can efficiently click between the two without ending up in a view you didn’t want.

Use your main blog URL to view the front end (such as http://com210sampleblog.com)
Add /wp-admin in the other tab to view the back end (such as http://com210sampleblog.com/wp-admin)
Click between the two views easily to check on your edits!

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