Week 2: Copyright and Your First Blog Post

This the second orientation week before we jump into the four main content units of COM210. During this week, you’ll be choosing a course topic, publishing your first blog post, and learning about U.S. copyright law. Read the Topic Introduction Post assignment early this week so you have some time to think about your topic before committing to it.

Understanding copyright law can be tricky, because there is a lot of misinformation out there, and because some of the law doesn’t immediately seem like common sense. For example, did you know you may not have the legal right to use a photo of yourself? And that it’s illegal to download a photo from Facebook to use on your blog, even if you give credit to where it came from? In some ways, these copyright infractions are sort of like driving 5 mph over the speed limit — it’s common and most of the time no one gets hurt, but it is still illegal.

In this course, all assignments need to follow all copyright laws. If you have any questions about copyright this week, or as you begin to work on your projects, make sure to ask so you don’t include any material illegally!

Week 2 To-Do List

❑ Read about Blogging Best Practices and User-Centered Design
❑ Complete the Topic Introduction Post assignment
❑ Read about Copyright & Fair Use, then take the Copyright Quiz

Due Last Week

• WordPress Blog Assignment (if you haven’t submitted it yet, complete it by Wednesday for partial credit)

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