Watch out for spam and scams!

First, a quick reminder that it’s WSU policy that all course communication must be sent to your WSU email address. (If you send me email from a different account, I won’t ignore it, it just may not appear in my inbox immediately.)

Here’s an extra tricky one: spam pretending to help you remove spam from your account.

Unfortunately, the WSU email system has been plagued by spam for the past couple of semesters. They are mostly similar phishing attempts, meaning the emails include a link that will try to trick you into entering your login information. Often these messages pretend to be from WSU, informing you that your email is at capacity or that urgent action is necessary to prevent your account from being shut down.

Legitimate emails from WSU will never include links that say things like “CLICK HERE” without showing you the link. Professors have been urged to do this as well, which is why I include full URLs in class emails.

Visit for other information and examples. If you’re ever unsure about an email you can report it to, especially if you have accidentally clicked on any links.

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