Advice from previous COM210 students

discussionAt the end of previous semesters, we asked students what advice they’d give to students just starting out in COM210. Here’s what they had to say about procrastination, creativity, assignments and more:

On expectations…

“It’s more work than you expect.”

“Be prepared to put a lot of time and effort if you want at least a B.”

“Know that it isn’t easy like everyone says it is. Carve out chunks of time to do the tutorials.”

On choosing your course topic…

“Take some time to think about your topic and how it could fit into each unit.”

“Be ready to choose a topic that will be able to go through all 4 units without having trouble to figure out what to do for the next unit.”

“Pick a topic you are passionate about and enjoy discussing.”

On time management…

“Be prepared to spend more time on each assignment than you’re expecting to. In other words, plan ahead and get ahead.”

“Start each assignment three days earlier than you think you need to.”

“This course is primarily online and due dates can sneak up on you so it is important to be organized.”

“Try your best to make the deadlines, mark it on your calendar and start the assignment early.”

“It’s all basically online, so stay on top of it, space it out rather than trying to do it all last minute. You won’t get it done.”

On getting help…

“Take advantage of class hours and going in to talk to the TA if you have any questions, and to definitely ask questions as a lot of the programs can be fairly complicated if you haven’t used them before.”

“Ask for help, because some of the tutorials consumed a lot of time and getting help can help you finish so much faster.”

“Use your classmates if you are stuck to help you think of ideas or get through projects.”

“If you are inexperienced and begin to struggle, seek help immediately.”

“Be prepared to put in a lot of time in learning the programs — it looks easier than it is! Ask a lot of questions if you are unsure of anything, the instructors/TA are very helpful.”

“Go to class. Go to class. Go to class. Find a network of peers to help you out with assignments.”

On assignments…

“Take the time to do the tutorials right because when it comes to final project you have to do, you will regret not actually paying attention.”

“Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for the tutorials! Just because the last tutorial only took you twenty minutes doesn’t mean they all will! Also, make sure you read the weekly assigned reading. You are pretty much guaranteed a 9 or 10 out of 10 on the quizzes if you actually read what’s assigned.”

“Gather your materials far in advance. Getting footage, photos and audio in a time crunch is very difficult. Doing an all-nighter to get your production done is possible, but it’s difficult to gather audio, footage and pictures on short notice because to get quality material, you have to plan ahead.”

“Make sure you do all the work in time and treat your drafts as the final assignment so that the feedback you get from your peers is actually helpful.”

“Do not be afraid of critiques, the sooner you get over the fear of other’s opinions, the better you will do.”

“Don’t throw your laptop at a wall when you are mad at the tutorials.”

On how to enjoy it…

“Be prepared to use your imagination and creativity for each assignment.”

“It’s challenging but worth the time and effort to learn all the content and concepts.”

“Be creative and take in the information that is in the online readings. It is very helpful to know when making your projects.”

“Be creative and have fun with it.”

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