Week 2 — Copyright & Photoshop

Last week, you created a WordPress Blog with an About Me page and your first post. This week we’ll start the first unit of the course, Unit 1: Graphic Design and Adobe Photoshop.

Due Immediately!

  • If you haven’t already submitted your WordPress Blog Creation assignment (due last Friday, Aug. 28), you should submit it as soon as possible to avoid late penalties.
  • Remember, the COM 210’s Late Work Policy states that “all late assignments will receive a 10% deduction per day late and after five days will receive a zero.”

Focus For This Week

Due This Week

Other Reminders

  • Please take the time to familiarize yourself with COM 210’s course website, including the tabs Course Schedule, Syllabus and FAQ
  • Bookmark the course website for easy reference
  • Read the course materials for Week 1 (if you have not done so already)
  • You’ll use Wordpress throughout the semester, so take the time to explore your blog’s tools and Dashboard.

If you have any questions, please stop by your scheduled lab session to talk with your TA or send them an email. Have a great week!

New video tour of WordPress settings

WordPress has recently updated its dashboard to a more streamlined interface, and some of the settings you may want to adjust on your new blog are a little harder to find. Here’s a new video about setting up your WordPress blog and finding the settings you may want to adjust.

Some key settings within the video:

  • Privacy setting so your site won’t come up in search engine results (1:55)
  • “Customize” settings for header images and what appears in your sidebar (2:55)
  • Switch to the WP Admin dashboard for more options (5:15)

Welcome to COM210

COM210 is a multimedia course in which you will learn storytelling skills, visual design principles and gain professional digital media design software expertise. Most students find this a challenging, but very rewarding learning experience. If you apply yourself and fully engage in this course, the skills you learn will serve you throughout your professional career and may even inspire your career choice.

The course is organized into four units:

  1. Graphic Design & Adobe Photoshop
  2. Vector Graphics & Adobe Illustrator
  3. Digital Audio & Adobe Audition
  4. Digital Video & Adobe Premiere

The Course Schedule and Syllabus provide more detail about your readings and assignments for each unit.

By the end of the course you will have the experience and technical skills required to tell an effective story using various digital media.

This Week (Week 1)

In this course you will use the Adobe CC software to complete your digital media assignments in each unit. Follow the download instructions on the Software and Technical Requirements page to ensure your computer is set up properly and to successfully install the software. It is very important that you don’t install each software program until you need it, so read the instructions carefully and if you have any questions ask your TA.

In this first week, you will choose a topic to focus on for the entire semester. This topic will be used throughout the semester on the main assignment for each unit. Once you choose a topic it will be very hard to change it, so read the instructions in the WordPress Blog assignment carefully!

You will also create a blog using WordPress. You will use your blog throughout the semester to post your assignments and comment on your peer’s work.

To begin this first week of class, you will attend your first lab session. Although most of the content for this course is available online through this blog, your weekly lab session is an essential part of your learning experience. The Lab Attendance Policy gives more information about the expectations and requirements for your lab sessions.

Your Professors

Your professors for this course are Chris Cooney and Lisa Waananen Jones. We will be interacting with you primarily online through this site, and you can find more about us and our contact information on the About page. Watch our welcome videos:

COM210 Introduction from Prof. Lisa Waananen Jones from WSU Com 210 on Vimeo.

COM210 Introduction from Prof. Chris Cooney from WSU Com 210 on Vimeo.

Our role is presenting the lecture materials and guiding you through the design and storytelling principles you will be using in your projects this semester. You may also occasionally see references to Professor Michael Beam, who developed the original version of this course during his time at WSU and left many valuable resources.

Your Teaching Assistant (TA)

Your TA is your best resource for any questions or problems that may come up during the semester with assignments, course content and grades. You will meet your TA when you attend lab (or virtually, for the online-only section), and your TA is the first person you should contact if any issues arise during this course. Find out your TA’s background and contact information on the About page.

Getting Started

Now that you have an idea of what the course is about and what to expect, read through the Introduction to COM210 and begin on your readings for this week. Remember, your first assignment to create a WordPress Blog Assignment is due this Friday, so get started soon!