How well do you really know WSU’s academic integrity rules?

Hopefully you’ve read the course syllabus, and hopefully you would know anyway that academic dishonesty is not tolerated at WSU. But how well do you really know what the policy says about what constitutes a violation and what this could mean for your academic record?

This video was created by a former COM210 student to increase awareness of WSU’s academic integrity policy and consequences for violations. Every year we do have students who get caught for these violations, unfortunately, so it’s a good point in the semester to review the information and make sure you don’t end up crossing the line.

Here is a link to what the students in the video are reading, if you’d like to review it yourself: Academic Integrity Reference Guide (PDF)

Watch out for spam!

First, a quick reminder that it’s WSU policy that all course communication must be sent to your WSU email address. (If you send me email from a different account, I won’t ignore it, it just may not appear in my inbox immediately.)

I got this tricky one today: spam pretending to help you remove spam from your account.

Unfortunately, the WSU email system has been plagued by spam for the past couple of semesters. They are mostly similar phishing attempts, meaning the emails include a link that will try to trick you into entering your login information. Often these messages pretend to be from WSU, informing you that your email is at capacity or that urgent action is necessary to prevent your account from being shut down.

Legitimate emails from WSU will never include links that say things like “CLICK HERE” without showing you the link. Professors have been urged to do this as well, which is why I include full URLs in class emails.

Visit for other information and examples. If you’re ever unsure about an email you can report it to, especially if you have accidentally clicked on any links.

Week 5: Starting Unit 2

Illustrator is my favorite of the Adobe programs. I even have this T-shirt with the Align tools, and highly recommend Cotton Bureau if you have any interest in design-related shirts.
Illustrator is my favorite of the Adobe programs. I even have this T-shirt with the Align tools, and highly recommend Cotton Bureau if you have any interest in design-related shirts.

After finishing up Unit 1 last week, we’re now moving on to Unit 2: Vector Graphics and Adobe Illustrator. The pattern of each unit should start to seem familiar — we’ll start with tutorials to explore the software, then apply those skills and principles from the course readings to create a multimedia project that relates to your course topic. In this unit, you’ll be making a logo.

Illustrator is my favorite of the Adobe programs, and the one I use most frequently in my professional work. So I’m very excited for all of you to try it out! However, this is frequently students’ least favorite unit in COM210, because Illustrator is less familiar than Photoshop and less intuitive than audio and video editing.

It can be frustrating, and it’s important that you 1) read this week’s readings to understand how vector graphics work and 2) give yourself plenty of time for the tutorials this week. You’ll be reading about how vector graphics differ from the more familiar raster graphics, the principle of figure-ground, and the history of logos.

Week 6 Checklist

❑ Read the course materials listed for Week 5
Download Adobe Illustrator if you are using it on your own computer
❑ Complete the Illustrator Tutorials by Friday, Sept. 30, at 11:59 p.m. Don’t wait until the last minute or you won’t get them done!

Due Last Week!

If you have not yet submitted your Final Graphic Design Project, make sure to do this! The final projects for each unit of this course are worth a lot of points. It can be submitted for partial credit through this Wednesday.

Other Reminders

MyWSU maintenance this weekend

mywsu-560wWSU just announced that there will be major MyWSU maintenance this weekend, beginning Friday evening. MyWSU won’t be available during this time. If you usually access Blackboard and other course materials through MyWSU, make sure to use the direct links here on our website instead so you can submit your assignment on time.

WSU email:

If you encounter any technical issues when submitting your assignments at any time, make sure to email me and your TA immediately and take a screenshot so we can document the issue and help you resolve it. You can always find our contact information on the course About page.

Week 5: Finishing the Graphic Design Project

Now that you’ve created a draft for your Graphic Design Project, this week you’ll get feedback and make revisions to improve your design. This is the final week of Unit 1 and Photoshop before we move to the next unit.

Before you provide feedback to your group members, make sure to read this week’s chapter on Constructive Criticism & Feedback in Design to think about the best way to communicate your response to other students’ drafts. Giving useful feedback is one of the most important skills you’ll get to practice in this course.

Please note two blog posts this week that may be helpful:

Week 5 To-Do List

❑ Read the Week 5 reading listed on the course schedule
❑ Complete and submit the Graphic Design Project Feedback assignment by Tuesday
❑ Complete and submit the Final Graphic Design Project by Friday
❑ Earn your Unit 1 Participation Credit if you haven’t already

Photoshop 1.0

For fun, here’s a video of Photoshop experts attempting to use Photoshop 1.0, which debuted 26 years ago in February 1990.