Tip: Making use of vertical video

Vertical video is becoming more accepted as people increasingly watch videos on their smartphones, but it’s still mostly frowned upon in professional videography. This is why it’s a principle in COM210 to never shoot vertical video.

…But let’s say you ended up with some vertical video anyway. Can you use it? Sure, but you should also consider how to make full use of the horizontal screen. Check out this article for some great ideas about how to integrate vertical video in a purposeful way: http://www.premierebro.com/blog/editing-vertical-iphone-video

One of the techniques is explained and demonstrated in more detail in this video:

Week 15: Video Story editing and revisions

We’re almost done with the semester, and this week we wrap up Unit 4 with peer feedback and the final version of your Video Story. There is no final exam for this course, so after this week there is just one last small assignment to reflect on the semester as a whole.

As you revise your Video Story, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who do you imagine watching your video? What is its purpose?
  • What makes your video unique and interesting to watch?
  • Does your project make use of the video medium well by using both audio and visual elements?
  • Have you made use of different techniques from the tutorials (or beyond) to show your editing skills?
  • Are any materials that you didn’t create yourself clearly cited with permission?

Week 15 To-do List

❑ Complete the Video Story Feedback assignment by Tuesday
❑ Complete the Final Video Story assignment by Friday
❑ Earn your Unit 4 Participation credit by Friday

FAQ: Upcoming lab hours

As we head into the last couple of weeks of the semester, here is the schedule for lab availability:

COM210 lab sessions will continue through Week 15 (Dead Week). The last day to attend your lab session for help or participation credit is next Friday, Dec. 9.

Murrow College open lab hours will continue through Week 15 (Dead Week) as listed on the Open Lab Hours page. There are no open lab hours during Finals Week.

The Dimensions Lab at Holland Library will be open regular hours (24 hours a day on weekdays; most of the day on weekends) through the end of Finals Week. Hours for the lab are listed on the Library Hours page: http://www.wsulibs.wsu.edu/hours

The last COM210 assignment, the Reflection Blog Post, does not require the use of Adobe programs. The last assignment to require Adobe software is the Final Video Story, which is due next Friday, Dec. 9.

Week 14: Starting your Video Story

Now that we’re back from Thanksgiving Break, we’re in the final weeks of the semester with only one project left to go. This week you’ll be developing your Draft Video Story, with quite a bit of freedom to choose a format and style that fits your course topic well.

You’ll also be reading about web accessibility and user experience, which is a good time to revisit the design of your WordPress blog and make adjustments. Your blog should showcase your projects effectively, and now you’ve had time to explore your blog and make thoughtful design choices.

As you work on your story, a few recommendations to keep in mind about strong video stories:

  • Make use of both audio and visuals. This is a unique strength of the video medium, and the most compelling videos effectively use both to heighten the experience.
  • Edit with a purpose. Remember the design principles from way back at the beginning of the semester? Make design choices deliberately with your communication goals in mind. For example, don’t just throw in a random sampling of Premiere transitions just to see how they look.
  • Respect your viewer. Watching a full video is asking a lot from your audience. Guide your viewer through the story, but don’t make things longer than necessary. Think critically about what your viewer wants to see or know next.

Week 14 To-do List

❑ Go through the Week 14 reading
❑ Complete the Raw Footage & Storyboard assignment by Tuesday
❑ Complete the Draft Video Story by Friday
❑ Take the Unit 4 Quiz by Friday

Week 13: Shooting and editing video

After our short break last week, it’s now time to dive into Adobe Premiere Pro, the fourth and final software program we’ll be using for COM210. For this week’s tutorials, you’ll be shooting some video footage and editing it together in Premiere, then exploring some more advanced techniques and transitions with provided materials.

A clip about snakes and one baby iguana from the show “Planet Earth II” drew attention on social media this past week — if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth the 2 minutes. Even if you have seen it, consider how the variety of shots, the sequences, the music and other editing decisions make this into such a dramatic little story.

There is also a behind-the-scenes 360 video showing how the team filmed this scene, too.

Week 13 To-Do List

❑ Go through the Week 13 readings listed on the Course Schedule
❑ Complete the Premiere Tutorials by Friday at 11:59 p.m.