Schedule — Spring 2014

NOTE: All assignments due in ANGEL on Tuesday (T) or Friday (F) at 11:59pm

Week Days (M-F)
Lectures / Readings Tutorials / Assignments Due Date (11:59pm)
Week 1 Jan. 13-17 Introduction to class

Software Notes: Adobe CC/CS6

Tips for Success in COM210

Create WordPress Blog
1/17 (F)
Unit 1/ Graphic Design / Adobe Photoshop
Week 2 Jan. 20-24 The New Media Mindset

Elements of digital photography & digital editing

Lab Attendance

Photoshop Tutorial

Unit 1

1/24 (F)

Week 3 Jan. 27-31 Copyright & Fair Use

Creative Commons Images

Graphic Collage Examples

Photo Collection

Copyright Quiz

Draft Graphic Collage

1/28 (T)

1/31 (F)

1/31 (F)

Week 4 Feb. 3-7 Unity and Elements of Design, Gestalt Principles. Graphic Collage Feedback

Final Graphic Collage

2/4 (T)

2/7 (F)

Unit 2/ Vector Graphics / Adobe Illustrator
Week 5 Feb. 10-14 Balance, Figure, Ground

Logo Project Examples

Lab Attendance

Illustrator Tutorial

Unit 2

2/14 (F)

Week 6 Feb. 17-21 Principles of User-Centered Design
Draft Logo
2/21 (F)
Week 7 Feb. 24-28 Video interview with graphic design professional Logo Feedback

Final Logo

2/25 (T)

2/28 (F)

Unit 3/ Digital Audio / Adobe Audition
Week 8 Mar. 3-7 Audio Storytelling

Audio Story Examples

Lab Attendance

Audition Tutorial

Unit 3

3/7 (F)

Week 9 Mar. 10-14 Audio Editing/Interviewing

Creative Commons Audio

Raw Audio Footage

Draft Audio Story

3/11 (T)

3/14 (F)

Week 10 Mar. 17-21 No Class: Spring Break
Week 11 Mar.
Online Identity

Interview with Audio Professional

Audio Story Feedback

Final Audio Story

3/25 (T)

3/28 (F)

Unit 4/ Digital Video / Adobe Premiere
Week 12 Mar.
31- Apr. 4
Multimedia Fundamentals

Video Story Examples

Lab Attendance
Unit 4
Week 13 Apr.
Editing Digital Video Raw Video Footage
4/11 (F)
Week 14 Apr.
Compressing, exporting and sharing video Premiere Tutorial
4/18 (F)
Week 15 Apr.
Exploring Digital Effects Draft Video 4/25 (F)
Week 16 Apr.
28-May 2
Interview with Video Professional Video Feedback

Final Video Project

Online Course Evaluation

4/29 (T)

5/2 (F)

5/2 (F)

Finals Week May 5-9 Final Blog Post 5/6 (T)

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